- We See What Others Miss. -

Who We Are

M-CRASH Group consists of highly trained and experienced experts that provide all of your accident reconstruction needs. As an advanced accident reconstruction team, MCG has thousands of hours of crash reconstruction, Emergency Medical Service, automotive repair and refinish training.

Our reconstruction investigators have extensive law enforcement  experience with 'at scene' crash investigation training and have been accepted in courts as experts.

See our Services page for a comprehensive list of services offered.

What We Do

M-CRASH Group (MCG) provides you with a wide array of accident reconstruction services: from reviews of traffic crash reports, witness interviews, and determination of crash causation to accident scene analysis, traffic studies, and vehicle inspection. MCG uses the latest technology to create precision animations and simulations based on scientific crash dynamics and witness statements.

M-CRASH Group has the expertise to conduct vehicle inspections, automotive insurance adjustments for vehicle repair, expert opinion and more.



Mission Statement

"Provide expert crash reconstruction and accident investigation services based on precision analysis, expert testimony, and exceptional value while integrating the most advanced technology with the highest professional integrity. We see what others miss.”