While our core group is located in Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Illinois, and Iowa, we proudly serve the entire United States. Our straight forward fee structure leaves no questions or hidden charges which allows us the flexibility to work with our clients to reach a satisfactory price without sacrificing quality.

All Reconstruction & Investigation (including Animation), Deposition & Testimony:

  • $1,500 minimum case fee

  • $1,500 Retainer Fee set on a case-by-case basis

  • Deposition and Testimony fee: $300 per hour.

  • Regular hourly rate: $175 per hour.


  • Time: the above fees include travel time, charged one-way only for the longest trip

  • Mileage: No mileage charges

  • Meals: No additional charges for meals

  • Lodging: Reimbursed dollar for dollar, no extra fees applied by M-CRASH Group

  • Rental Cars: Reimbursed dollar for dollar, no extra fees applied

  • Airfare and Fees: Reimbursed dollar for dollar, no extra fees applied

  • Additional Expenses: Reimbursed dollar for dollar

  • Extensive travel can be negotiated for a fair price


At times we may need to sub-contract for certain services. Those costs are not included in the above fees schedule. If the need to sub-contract for a service should arise, we will contact the client to determine if that particular service would be needed.

*All basic procedures, (photographs, scene measurements, basic diagramming, drag factor testing, vehicle inspection and related procedures etc) and any advanced procedures (animation, computer diagramming, research, testing, vehicle inspections, electronic measuring of scenes etc) are considered a part of our standard investigation and are included in the hourly rate.

WE PRIDE OURSELVES IN A FAIR PRICE WITH NO HIDDEN COSTS. We will treat you fairly and earn your return business on every case.